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Although I have not seen any babies to think of :? What I have seen is midden piles, as of yesterday, I have seen four across the front of the tank, I cant see behind the tank :wink: . Small little piles of dead baby clam shells, which were put in the tank when i had gotten Max. I got the 200 baby clams from Alicia yesterday and accli. went fine. Also I will ask Alicia to post, as our conversation yesterday, she has two still doing well in containers with pantyhose over the top and they have doubled in size, and she still feels the others in her sump are eating and growing.. Even tho i havent seen any babies the midden piles are a positive sign. I do not have anything else in the tank that would create a pile like these :wink: Too how many i have left,,,,I dunno, we'll have to wait and see :)

ok I just went and checked the tank :D :D :D :D Of the new baby clams i placed in the tank, 9 have been eaten clean 8) 8) I put them along the front and backside of the tank. I can only see the front of the tank, so im not aware of how many have dissapeared in the this is great news......


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The 2 babies that are still in containers are looking soooooo good. This morning when feeding I realized how they must have doubled in size. Now they have no problem coming out of the water to look around and such. Before they would just sink back down if exposed to the slightest air. Maybe their lungs are more developed?

Debbie I hope your babies do well!


I got up this morning to check on the babies and there are a total of 22 clams that have died.......Now come on, 22? some must have died on their own,, right? right? I cant have that many babies in there, Some had to have died on their own due to the change in water conditions during acclimations,,,thats it, some must have died on thier own..... :roll:


You've got a bunch of hungry octos I see, quite a few babies did elude you when they hatched didn't they. If the clam shells are open its probably the octos.


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well, i would think that if that many clams had died in your tank you would at least see ammonia creep up a bit... in fact, your nose would probably let you know!!!


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Hi Deb,

When you found the dead clams, where any of them just empty shells?

And how many have you put in so far? I've never seen these baby clams, but BOE said there were very small, something like 1/2 inch. Is that true for the ones you have?

Hope you do have some babies left,


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