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Hey guys,

I believe i have a baby vulgaris (can't figure it out let me know your thoughts with the pics), and have had it for about two weeks now. He comes out every night around 7:30 pct. So far it is very shy, only stays out with red LED's on. Once i turn the lights on it will go back into hiding or it's den. Wanted to see if you guys could give me some tips on behavior relating to age. Or point me in the direction of some other articles that have already covered this.



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I THINK LittleBit was a small vulgaris (I insisted on calling her a large joubini for a long time because she did not show a rapid growth rate that I would have expected of a vulgaris but then she just got too big). I kept her from a very young animal so the journal may apply.

I have been lucky to raised both O. mercatoris and O. briareus from hatchling and keep what I think was O. vulgaris and O. burryi from very young (guessing under 3 months but both have a pelagic stage for about a month so guessing age is difficult even in the young ones). In all cases I have found that they don't become social until they are about 5 months old. LittleBit only interacted to eat until about this age (guessing again) and then slowly started coming out more often. Where all the other species learned to play gently once they started interacting, Little Bit was fiesty. I did not feel her fiesty attitude was negative and she would dance to have us come to the tank but never learned not to be grabby. CaptFish had a possible O. vulgaris who entered the aquarium much older and was so aggressive he had difficulty cleaning Pen's tank. On the other hand el Diablo was a large sweetheart.

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