At Bottom Of Pacific, Director Sees Dark Frontier - New York Times

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    2 [SIZE=-2]New York Times[/SIZE][/URL][/FONT][/TD]
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    5 At Bottom Of Pacific, Director Sees Dark Frontier
    6 [SIZE=-1]New York Times[/SIZE]
    7 [SIZE=-1]“We'd all like to think there are giant squid and sea monsters down there,” he said, adding that such creatures still might be found. But on this dive he saw “nothing larger than about an inch across” — just the shrimplike creatures, ...[/SIZE]
    8 [SIZE=-1]James Cameron 'bearing witness' in the deepest dark[SIZE=-1]Washington Post[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    9 [SIZE=-1]James Cameron's historic solo dive[SIZE=-1]The Guardian[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    10 [SIZE=-1]Cameron dives the trench[SIZE=-1]Pacific Daily News[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    11 [SIZE=-1]Christian Science Monitor -Daily Mail[/SIZE]
    12 [SIZE=-1]all 2,336 news articles[/SIZE]
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