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Richard Fein (husband of TONMO.com member TaningiaDanae) has contributed these remarkable high-resolution photos taken from the American Museum of Natural History in New York. As you can see, the first two are from the octopus display, the third is from the "extinct" gallery, and the fourth is the non-cephalopod Portuguese Man-of-War.

Please note that these photos are extremely large (several megabytes each)! (Click to enlarge):

Thanks for the great contribution! Visit the TONMO.com Art Gallery for more.

More discussion about the American Museum of Natural History can be found here:

[News]: New Section for American Museum of Natural History


Colossal Squid
Those are fantastic new galleries and what great photo's.

Thanks for sharing them! It's so cool to see what is often only described to us southerners!!!


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