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Since 1965, Live Seahorses is your one stop shop for all your seahorse aquarium needs. We carry
live dwarf seahorses, multiple colors, pregnant seahorses, Crown Snails, Pipefish--same family as seahorse, Hermit Crabs,
Horseshoe Crabs, Ghost Shrimp, Sea Robins, Live Magrove Oysters, Bag Caulerpa, Miniature Sea Fan--green and hardy,
Neptune Shaving Brush--pale or dark green in color, Sea Cactus - Miniature replica of those found in desert.
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has any one purchased anything through this site ? he has stock photos of at least 3 different seahorse species marked as dwarf species (Hippocampuss Kuda, baubarui and possibly whitei (sorry spelling may be a bit butchered)

it seems very suspicious to me but i could be wrong


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Interesting post but not on topic for our forum (we do encourage ceph suppliers to join us) and is likely to be determined Spam. If I am not mistaken, these people have been in business for years selling dwarfs (and are the vendor I purchased from for my first seahorses) but have never had a website. I am surprised at their use of stock and improper species photos though. Hopefully someone else is not trading on the name.

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