Anyone here from Oregon?

Discussion in 'Cephalopod Fossils' started by AquaticEngineer, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Thought I would throw this out in case there was anyone on here from Oregon, but I will be going tidepool collecting on the 20th of this month and if you are interested in coming along just shoot me a PM for details.

    Found some great photos of the place I'm going collecting this month using google maps.

    I'll be looking for more anemones and different fish as well as other inverts like some more porcelain crabs. I may take home some urchins and starfish if I find some I haven't seen before. What I'm really hoping for is to find cup corals or other things that are usually only found below the tidal zone since there will be a -1.7 tide when I'm there.

    These pictures are of an area called Maxwell Point in Oceanside, OR. Just off shore are the large rock islands that make up the Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge.



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    I'm not from Oregon though...

    Good luck finding some members though and critters!

    God I wish I lived by a body of water other than Lake Erie. :roll:

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