any Scuba Divers out there?


Hey, I was just wondering if we had any scuba divers :snorkel: out there like myself?????? If so where do you live? I'd love to meet some more people to go divivg with! :goldfish:

I live in ontario (southern) Canada


Larval Mass
David, amazing web site, your photography is terrific!! I grew up in Seattle and always wanted to dive there. Just moved to Baltimore though...anyone know a good place to dive around here? When I move back to Seattle I'm definatley going to take that photo course of yours.

~Kat H.


Colossal Squid

Hello, Eric here. Just to drop in and see are there any diver here. LOL. I'm a thriteen year old and I am a diver (Advanced, NAUI and PADI) and the last time I was diving, I reckon I saw a cutle zoom by. About 5 kilograms if you ask me. By the way, that was in Hong Kong

I'm 14 now! LOL


Larval Mass
Hi all! I'm 24, and am currently in the middle of earning three minors in diving here at my university in northern california. I love diving all up and down the California coast, but I'm really hoping to get up north to Oregon, Washingion, and the San Juan Islands sometime soon. If anyone wants to meet me somewhere for a dive, let me know. I'm really big into freediving, spearfishing, and collecting tasty invertebrates as well. Ever had abalone? mmmmmm.....gastropod..... :cyclops:

Ceph fan

I'm a diver in southern ontario! I live in oakville but am currently in school at UW. I haven't gone on a dive in about a year tho, and don't own equipment, but i have my padi ticket and love diving, so maybe sometime in the future we could get a dive expedition together.

Edit: I learned to dive in british columbia (ocean educations if the name means anything to ppl reading...) and the pictures of the dives in BC almost brought tears to my eyes as the pacific ocean off of BC is by far the most beautiful (and biologically diverse!) area i've doven in.


Hey Ceph Fan and Octapush!

I'm a PADI certified diver and I live in very South-Western Ontario (oh who the heck cares, London!). I'm about to turn 19 and I really need to get diving this summer given the amazingly hot and sunny weather we've been having. Not sure if I'm going to find the time now though, but you keep me posted and I'll keep you posted.



Pygmy Octopus
Another diver signing in

I've been diving for about 12 years and I would like to dive more often than I do. I've seen cephs in the wild in the Red Sea and Dominica. I've only been diving in warm water and I can't imagine diving in Canada. Do you travel to warm places to dive? I'm planning another trip to Egypt next year to dive. Egypt is a wonderful country and a GREAT place to dive.

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