any ideas on id for this one


hi all ive been away from cephs for a few years and im looking to get another octo, my last 2 aculeatus octos came from ny aquitics and im leaning tward them again mostly because theyr within driving distance and they have an octo in stock but he told me a year or so ago that theyr not from the same suplyer as before and he doesn't know wear theyr from any ideas. thanks


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I'm going to decline to guess. Colors could easily be Abdopus and it looks like it may have horns to display but the sucker tips appear brown and there is lots of webbing. Some of @Neogonodactylus images show heavy webbing on aculeatus but the few I have seen don't display it that thickly and have purple sucker tips. The eyes and webbing look more briareus and they will sometimes show a brown coloration (more often a peachy color or white) but I don't think this is O. briareus again because of the sucker tips.

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