any cold water keepers?


Pygmy Octopus
just wondering if anyone keeps cold water species?

my favorite dive site is loaded with octos... the temps range from about 45 to a high of about 55 in the summer...

my hope is to one day set up a tank...(when i can afford the chiller!)



Colossal Squid
well yes, but I live in a cold enivronment!!!!!! We just use the water at ambient!! We even have relatives of the antarctic ice cod living in the harbour and our aquarium!

We keep Pinnoctopus cordiformis, Octopus warringa, Sepioloidea pacifica And yes B4 anyone mentions that this is in large public aquarium tanks that's mainly were they are BUT I have kept the latter two in small tanks at home,P. cordiformis gets a little large to keep.



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