an off topic thread?

Chef Reef

O. vulgaris
Is there a thread on here our fourm ment for off topic posts? kinda like the lounge on Reefcentral or something. just a place to talk that is not related to ceph care or aqauriums.


Colossal Squid
Staff member
That's what the "supporters" section is for. It requires a pretty modest donation to switch, which turns out to be useful not so much because Tony gets a bit of extra money (as I understand it, the money from supporters is much less than the hosting costs) but because random trolls and drive-by spammers and such don't want to pay, so in the unpaid section, we can use the on-topic requirement to keep things friendly, civil, and generally nicer.

Supporters are welcome (and encouraged, even) to go *very* far afield as long as things are kept mostly civil, and really, the people who care enough to pay a bit to support TONMO are quite a civil bunch, so I can't remember any need for moderation in the supporters section since I joined. It's just a $10 donation for a permanent supporters status, so it shouldn't really be a burden on anyone, see

The closest thing outside of supporters would probably be "Our Community," but that's still primarily for things TONMO-related in some way. I actually really appreciate that members are very good about keeping things mostly-on-topic, so the staff very rarely deletes any post that isn't spam, so it's really nice that it's a self-mediated way for us to build community without any need for "police presence," since drive-by trolls don't generally seem to see TONMO as an appealing place to practice their shenanigans.


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Thanks Monty. Soon I will show the titles of threads which have new posts in the Supporters forum on the homepage in the "recent threads" section (just have to configure it). If you click on it but you're not a supporter, you won't be able to get to the thread. This way, non-supporters can see "what they're missing" in terms of activity in that forum.

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