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Pygmy Octopus

Just came from Maui, born and raised on the Big Island (Hawaii) Kona side.
I am an I.A.N.T.D. dive instructor that is WAY beyond home sick.
By some freak Google accident I found you guys and couldn’t be happier.
I now reside in beautiful San Diego and it’s a love/hate relationship. The only part I have issues with is that I no longer live 10 feet from the beach and no shore diving with just board shorts on, cuz this water is FREEZING. Other than that, love it, yet I still miss my He’e buddies I grew up with. So, that being said, I need to have a bit of the islands in my home. I lucked out and have a salt tank guru guy for a neighbor, so I’m set there. I know first hand how durable the Hawaiian Day Oco (cyanea) is in the wild and how they live and love to eat. However WHERE to get a little He’e buddy is the question. Also need to confirm what fish they will NOT eat in a “tank” setting? I’ve seen He’e climb over football sized Frog Fish and Stone Fish with no issues, so maybe there’s symbiosis there. Or maybe either of them weren’t hungry, don’t know for sure. Also heard Blue Ring are Tonka tough little guys. I used to love finding them (in AU), yet I don’t like risking a maculo kiss and they’re not my home team Tako’s anyway.
So, where can I get a Cyanea, and/or what are the “top 3” tank friendly and durable species ALL you guys & gals suggest?

Mahalo ā nui~


Colossal Squid
:welcome: and aloha.

You might want to consider a bimac. You can collect them in the waters off of California with a sports fishing license. You should also see if you can contact marineboy, one of our members. He lives near San Diego and knows were to find octopus in your area. O. cyanea require a large aquarium, bimacs don't need as much space.


Pygmy Octopus

"Bimac" huh? This is the "Two Spot" we have here off shore yes? Two big blue ring/spot false eyes on either side?
I will track down "marineboy" and chat him up.

Many mahalo's


Welcome to Tonmo, and yes, it is the small octopus with the two eye rings. They are wonderful animals, and can often be obtained captive bred, which means you get more time to interact with the ceph prior to the end of the short life span.

Glad to have you aboard! If you think moving from the islands to SD is bad, try living in Phoenix !!! (yucch)


Pygmy Octopus

Thanks & ouch on Phoenix.
Dont get me wrong SD is SO like the Islands, yet (((BRRRRR)))!

On that note, TO ALL: any one have a Dry Suit or a 10ml for sale? ha!



Please note that "bimac" refers to both species in the same area: O. bimaculoides, the common two-spot octopus that is captive bred and O. bimaculatus, a small-egged species very difficult to rear in captivity (believe me, my first female was this species, but was sold as a bimaculoides, and laid gravid eggs which obviously couldn't be raised.)


Pygmy Octopus
Kona Tako- City of Refuge, Puako, Old Air Port and my fav Kealakekua Bay (among hundreds). Also know Maui very well.

Two 2-Spot?- Is there any HUGE dif between the two types of bimac?

Darth Kraken

Blue Ring
Well, the only visible difference between O. bimaculoides and O. bimaculatus that I know of is the blue eyespots: Bimaculoides (popular large-egged ones) have chain-link rings, and bimaculatus have solid rings.

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