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alil hlp pls


Larval Mass
Nov 6, 2009
:welcome: hi my name is Dave and i am fairly new to cephs i have good look with reef tanks. i also have friends who are very knowledgeable with saltwater systems but know no one who knows a lot about cephs. I currently havea 40 gal bowfront sealed with a 205 fluvial filter 50 lbs of rock top is sealed maybe a 1/32 of ince crack between lid, but all of the lid i plan to seal with duct tape when tank is not "open". I need help finding out what kind of ceph is best i want something that likes water 75-80 (I can keep it on one degree just throwing out a range). I also want one that is not nocturnal :smile: . Poison doesn't matter i thought about a blue ring i have no problem taking extra pro-cations i am very used to extremely dangerous pets. Just hopeing someone can point me in a direction. thxs


Staff member
Dec 20, 2002
West Palm Beach, Florida
Welcome to TONMO! I'd suggest a two spot octopus or common octopus and reading all you can here and on The Ceph Page about keeping octopuses and other cephalopods. Also Nancy and Colin recenlty published an excellent book on keeping cephs.

While many octopuses are nocturnal, most will adapt quickly once they learn where the food comes from.



Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
I would suggest either a pair of bandensis cuttlefish or an aculeatus for your tank suitability and desires. The cuttles would not need a sealed top and can be housed in a more reef type environment where an octopus is safer in a more baren tank. We have an articles section that I suggest you read through to get a better feel for keeping cephs and their requirements then read through some of the journals on the species that grab your interest.

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