Adhesion glands? Seriously?

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Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
So, here at TONMOCON the Monterey Bay Aquarium lecture mentioned that pygmy squid have dorsal glands which secrete an adhesive chemical and an acid which breaks down the adhesive. I've only heard of this form of adhesion in meiofauna like Gastrotrichea. Any idea from which embryonic tissue layer these glands may be derived?


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That was another great one! Last night I was trying to remember some of the mind-blowing facts (#thatsafact :smile:) that were shared... the video of the octopus (can't recall the exact species but not a mimic or wunderpus) who was swaying like algae... in a STILL aquarium. There were more than a few mind=blown moments yesterday.

Way to channel your inner Monty, CG! :mrgreen:

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