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A Larger Octopus Exhibit is Coming at the Aquarium! - About - Cities & Towns


Robotic Staff
Staff member
Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005

A Larger Octopus Exhibit is Coming at the Aquarium!
[SIZE=-1]About - Cities & Towns, NY[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]I was very happy to get a note from the Aquarium that included the news that the octopus exhibit in the Cold Water Quest gallery will be expanding! The exhibit will be moving (still within the same gallery) and they are adding a second octopus. ...[/SIZE]



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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Yeah, I got the news letter on this. I just don't know if the two year + old girl we had in residence is still there and will be available for BigSister and LittleSister to see when they come next month and treck to the aquarium (fortunately it looks like I will have octos for her to watch). It would be great if the new exhibit was open by Easter (and I hope better designed than the last two) but they have not given dates.

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