75gal hex?


Pygmy Octopus
my friend will sell me a 75gal hex for a good price w everything. i would be buying this tank for an octopus, but was wondering what everyones ideas are on this idea. what would some pros and cons be? thanks for any advise!


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All things being equal, it's usually better to have a longer, wider tank that is less tall. But since it's a 75 gallon, there's room for an octo such as a bimac. A deeper tank is harder for you to take care of, too.

If you buy a used tank, make sure that no copper treatment has ever been used in the tank - that would be fatal for an octopus.



I used a qaurantine tank for my octo. He has been in there for about a month. The tank was used to treat fish with copper. The octo seems very healthy. He eats a lot and is active at night. Im worried about Nancy's commment about not using a tank with a copper history. Has anyone else used a tank used for copper treatment?


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No, I have tried to avoid it at all costs.

I beleive it was Roy (Neogonodactylus) who had problems with Blue rings being kept in a system with copper treatment history.

Better and try and upgrade soon ;)

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