75 gal Established salt system with fish for sale


Larval Mass
Moving and am disabled. Have 75 gal 2 year established saltwater system, with elegant custom canopy, stand, and corner covers. Millenium 3000 wet dry filter sytem, professional heater, protein skimmer, U.G. filter system with 2 power heads, strip light and glass covers. Fish include sub adult humus picasso trigger, full grown bi color angel, some damsels and Val. puffer. Substrate included. Reef rock (legally collected by hirocks) negotiable. 750.00 please e-mail if interested jmkqr@cbpu.com. I am located in Athens Michigan approx 20 min south of Battle Creek and I-94. Need to bring help, as i am unable to due to disability. Thanks so much. Sincerely James :welcome:


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