2nd grader needing info on octopus'

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    My son is in 2nd grade and they are studying ocean animals. He has to gather information on octopus'. If we could get this information or told where to look online it would be helpful.
    1. What does octopus eat?
    2.Does octopus have any predators?
    3.In what part of the ocean could we find octopus'?
    4. Interesting facts that make your animal unique.

    He also has to make a 3D model so if anybody has any ideas that would be great.
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    i can tell you that octopii eat, crustaceouns.i dont know if i spelled that right.
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    Most prefer crustaceans such as crabs, but some can drill through clam shells to get at the meat and some eat fish.

    Yes, moray eels, other fish, sea lions, fur seals, dolphins, other octopus (they are cannibals!), humans!!!!

    every part, from shallow water to really deep water, in the tropics and in the arctic and antarctica, you even find them round black smokers (underwater volcanos).....all different species of course!

    They have 3 hearts and blueish copper based blood (our red stuff is iron based).

    They don't live long 6 months -2 years is common. They are molluscs, which means they're related to snails!

    Fossils (Ammonites, belemnites etc) show that they have had relatives on earth for millions of years.

    They have a strange donut shaped brain which wraps round the oesophagus (food tube), most invertebrate animals don't really have what we consider to be a brain.

    They seem to be able to learn and remember and maybe problem solve (although this is a subject for immense debate!).

    One of the most poisonous animals on earth is an Octopus. The Blue ring family of octopus are found of Australia and the tropical indo-pacific and are very poisonous. There is no anti-venom!

    That should give you something to start with!!!!

    For his model he should sheck out the picture gallery here (I mean the photo's, NOT the sculptures) The pics should give him some ideas on how to pose his model.

    I had a student who made a model out of chicken wire that he twisted into shape then covered with paper mache and painted. He stuck toothpick labels on it to name the various parts of the octopus anatomy...looked very cool!


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    For a very simple octopus, you might consider using something like pipecleaners for arms....they are easily poseable and can be stuck into styrofoam or glued onto a surface. When I was younger I made one with a styrofoam ball in a sock as the head with the arms coming out from underneath the front part of the sock. I don't know how realistic you want it to look. The chicken wire idea sounds great if you've got the time and effort to put in.

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