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200 foot octopus?


Jan 6, 2003
Did anyone see this artivle about this blob that washed ashore?
It was white and it was tjought to be whale blubber which I also thought it was cause it looked like a huge white figure on the beach.
It was examined and they examined an octopuses DNA and tisue samples or something. They figured it out and it was a RARE species of giant Octopus.
It was seriously 200 foot or more. I have NEVER heard of an octopus THIS large before!
The largest octopus was I believe 33 foot long and over 600 lbs.
But this.....this is a whole new story!!!


Nov 27, 2002
Hehe...yeah, actually, we "chewed the fat" as it were (pun intended!) over that one. Have you found a different, new article? If not, then that must be the same one we'd been hashing out. It's actually a bunch of whale blubber. For some reason I can't find the threads where we've discussed this...prolly just don't know what I'm doing... :oops: Was a bit disappointing...we're inherently skeptical, but a 200 foot octopus would be incredible beyond words.


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