2 cuttlefish eggs coming in


O. vulgaris
Aug 12, 2009
First of all before i start my question ranti would like to say hello to all TONMO members. you guys hve been a very very big help for about a month now on my newly discovered Cuttlefish OBSESSION.

I just activated my account 10 minutes ago and have been wondernig for about a week why i have to donate to post. but i just havent checked my emails ;)

so here are my questions and equipment/tank choices

ok so cuttles are ordered
3,000 copepods comnig in and setting up a 2.5g culture for them with phytoplanktn and ZoePlankton from precision aquatics is shipped. (any input on culturing them would be GREAT, never done it and taking a risk here)

will the live on copepods and live brine shrimp til i can weenthem to live mysis? *EDIT* if they cant is there anything i can gut load the brine with or copepods with? (selcon, salipura, anything?)

theres no real way for me to obtain and keep alive live mysis shrimp.

i have a good feeling i can ween them onto frozen foods pretty quick snice i always do (a few mandarins and scooter blennies, seahorses)

i have a 46 g bowfront and a 30g tall, which would be better?

30 g tall has HOB filter made for a 30g tank and 2 powerheads Maxi jet 1200 and aquaclear 20 and a 150w heater

the 46 g bow has a 10 g smp overflow box with about 65-85 lbs of live rock (taking some out)

with a great protein skimmer (dont feel like getting up to look at name) and a maxi jet 1200 with a rotating mod on it.

which should i put the Sepia Bandensis eggs in and should i change anything about my tanks to accomadate them?

(i have a net breeder for them for the first month)

ANY input will be greatly appreciated and im RAYING for a male and female to be born, butonly time will tell) =] will keep you guys posted on my proress as the days go on

and theres no complicated acclimating procedure right? i just drip them in a small bucket and im going to make sure they never ever leave the water for even a second


Colossal Squid
Sep 16, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA

I would recommend the 46 g bow, just because is has live rock and a good protein skimmer. They will be a little cramped in the 46 gallon, but you can wait until they are a little bigger to move them to a larger tank. They should be able to eat mysids right away. Where are you located?


O. vulgaris
Aug 12, 2009
im in staten island new york. i just collected some ghost shrimp and crabs from the shore to acclimate to my tank. theyll already be settled in the tank as i move my cuttles from heir breeder set up in my isplay tank to the tank itself as a food source. have about 5 crabs and 10 ghost shrmip

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