17 Day Old Baby O. briareus Photos


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Debbie, Nancy, how're your babies doing?

Here's my report:

As you may already know I set 6 free in the sump a while back. 2 I kept in individual containers. On Sunday I lost one of those. I'm now down to 1 (that I know of anyway). This one (#2) I've given the nickname "pig" simply because he never stops eating.

Here are a couple photos of Pig.


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Hi Alicia,

Congratulations for still having at least one baby left! He's so very tiny - that must be a baby clam there beside him.

Nice pics, too.

But don't you think you could at least call him "Piglet" :)

Please continue lettting us know how your babies are doing - I was wondering this afternoon whether you and Debbie still had any left. I haven't seen a trace of any since I last reported.



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I have no clue for the ones in the 40 gal sump. There are a ton of pods, shells, pvc, live rocks and other filtration equipment down there so it's impossible to even guess if any are left.

Pig has grown tremendously. He's at least doubled in size. If I had to give a size I'd say that with all arms out-stretched he'd be silver dollar size.

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