squid behaviour

  1. TheSquidLord56

    Top Speed for a Squid

    Hi Guys! So I'm doing research for a video I'm making, and I need to know the fastest a squid could swim/the fastest squid. I have no idea if this info has actually been tested and recorded, but if it has, I could use some help finding it please. :)
  2. gjbarord

    SQUID ID - 200 meters in Vanuatu

    Hi Everyone, I am, hopefully, attaching a short video clip of a squid we recorded on deep water video in Vanuatu at about 200 meters. Anyone know the species of this particular specimen? Thanks! Greg
  3. S

    Cuttlefish X mating with Squid?

    I was filming the Giant Australian Cuttlefish in South Australia yesterday and came across this interesting animal behaviour. It seems as through the squid is trying to mate with the cuttlefish!? I am very interested in hearing anyones interpretations of this behaviour and help explain what's...