1. H

    Looking for snails for some Octo babies

    Hey! I’m relatively new to cephalopod care but currently, have an octopus who laid eggs. She has been sitting on them for about a month and I finally saw an eye spot today. So, I have found a source for amphipods and copepods online but am looking for some snails. I have a friend who...
  2. bläckis

    The swedish octopus ;)

    Hello everyone! it has been for to long since i logged in here on tonmo.. I had a difficult time in life my mother passed away in a car crash so my dream of owning a octopus was put on "ice" sort of saying. But now i am back and happy and life goes on, and finnaly after many years of reading...
  3. YoureSquiddingMe

    [Octopus]: Rocktopus - first octo, seeking advice

    Hi Tonmo We are two college students who have been lurking on this community for some time as we made preparation to get ourselves an octopus. We followed all the suggestions and have set up a good quality 90 gallon. A month and a half ago we purchased the octo from saltwaterfish, and have...