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new octopus

  1. Nathan Belz

    [Octopus]: Olaf - O. Vulgaris - Need help - new Octo just arrived and no idea what to do...

    Ok so this is my first post although I have been following this board for a while. The title might be a little dramatic. Basically my wife suprised me this morning with a new octopus delivery for xmas. I had been planning on getting one eventually but wasn't really ready to pull the plug. I...
  2. Mysti

    I finally have an octopus friend!

    Just saying Hi, finally... I'm not a big forums participant which is why I've not posted before now. I just got my very first octopus friend at the beginning of the month and apparently I got Mike from Odyssey Pets in trouble for not posting on here. Mike is one of the greatest people I know...

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