1. octobot

    [Behavior & Cognition] The best animal escape stories

    From 9News: While most animals bust out of their enclosures thanks to an unlocked door or a distracted keeper, Inky the octopus managed an escape to make ... Continue reading...
  2. David John

    Octopus Documentary

    Hi there, I'm very curious to hear your go-to-anecdotes that you tell friends outside the cephalopod community when discussing looking after your animal We’re currently producing a documentary about octopuses. As we explore their biology and behavior, we will reveal just how intelligent and...
  3. mucktopus

    Midnight tank escapes- fact or fiction?

    Everywhere I go I seem to hear a different story about someone's octopus that got out in the middle of the night, crawled into a different tank (next to it, across the room, sometime it's even in another room), and then went back to its own tank after eating. Almost invariably these stories end...