Our Picks: Film Reviews

What follows is the list of TONMO.com film reviews which feature the appearance of an octopus or squid in one form or another. Some films feature menacing ceph monsters created by the effects of radiation or an atomic bomb. In other films, the ceph-based creatures turn out to be aliens from outer space. Yet other times a film may be reviewed for simply containing a brief cameo of an octopus or squid.

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Reviewed by TaningiaDanae

It Came from Beneath the Sea
Reviewed by Nancy King

The Lost Continent
Reviewed by Nancy King

Reviewed by Richard Ellis (reprinted from Search for the Giant Squid with permission from the author)

The Octopus in Cinema
Excerpt from Richard Ellis' book Monsters of the Sea, used with permission from the author)

Documentary Review: Incredible Suckers
Nancy King provides a review of the documentary titled Incredible Suckers.