Giant and Colossal Squid Strandings and Recovery

Wikipedia resource for historical strandings
When set out to create a comprehensive list of all giant and colossal squid specimen discoveries throughout history, member Archi sent me the following email:

I feel that this would be a good source of information for the new Squidbase, I only accidentally came across them:

List of Giant Squid Specimens and Sightings

List of Colossal Squid Specimens and Sightings

[If you scroll down, there are almost complete lists, some apparently from as early as 1545 for Architeuthis and 1925 for Mesonychoteuthis Hamiltoni]

I hope this information is credible!


Thank you Archi! I've put this article up to allow visitors know that to us, these Wiki pages are the definitive list of giant and colossal squid observed throughout history. I hope to work with the authors of this page to provide addition detail for individual accounts (we've been cited a few times as it is).

To discuss any of these events, is the right place:

Architeuthidae Forum -- for Giant Squid discussions

Cranchiidae Forum -- for Colossal Squid discussions


-- Tony Morelli (tonmo), Founder and Webmaster,
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    Jul 17, 2016
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