The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

Diving down to almost a half-mile below the surface, a pod of sperm whales are looking for prey. There is almost no visible light here - this is the Twilight or Mesopelagic Zone and it reaches from 600 - 3500 feet below the surface. It is in this zone that we begin to see bioluminescent creatures. This 50-foot whale has come upon a 16-foot giant squid. The whale uses the oil reserve inside its massive head as a "sound lens" in order to focus an intense beam of sound energy at the squid. This explosive "crack" of sound is enough to stun the squid. - Not associated with Barela Sculpture/
I like the facts and figures a lot!! Terrific stuff. About time the squid wins one of these battles though, don't you think? ;)
Absolutely brilliant image; very moody and dark. This is exactly how I imagined one of these titanic encounters to take place! Top stuff.

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