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Taningia Danae

Gliding through the deep Monterey Canyon off the coast of California, Taningia Danae searches for prey in the darkness. At nearly 7 feet long and armed with claws instead of suckers on its eight arms, taningia danae is a formidable predator.
This is the first in a series of deep sea squid illustrations that I am working on. I welcome and encourage creative critiques, especially on any physicality or behavior that I may have misinterpreted.
Thanks! Chris Barela - ww.chrisbarela.com - (Not associated with Barela Sculpture/www.barelafish.com)
So very cool -- I love all mollusks, but cephs are just the best! It's hard to believe this critter is real, but I'm glad it is! :biggrin2:

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