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Oc Second Clutch Of Eggs 5 3 2016

While females of most species of octopus are semelparous (reproduce just once), a few are now known to reproduce multiple times (iteroparous). Here is a second clutch of eggs produced by a female O. chierchiae. I posted a photo of her first clutch developing. After they hatched, these were laid.
How many of the first clutch have survived?

Are you keeping the male and female in the same tank full time? I remember you did not with the pair a couple of years ago and never heard if you decided O. chierchiae could be paired in a single tank like the Larger Pacifics.
No, I think keeping them together is too risky. We want to culture them and that will require as much genetic diversity as posible. I currently have three females and two males and rotate mating the males to the females.
Since you acquired quite a collection all at the same time, does this continue to suggest (ref @Thales Advanced Aquarist article in 2010) that they might be abundant in shallow areas during particular times of the year or more that a collector found a buyer that ships to the US?
I doubt that they migrate any substantial distance. There may be a seasonal component to there breeding with more adults in the spring, but I think mostly the collectors have learned when and where to look for them. The key is that they hunt in the open at night and that is when there is the greatest chance of seeing them.


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