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Hi cuttle lover's! Just wanted to share a new cuttlefish bronze sculpture I am working on. Just two days into this piece, so please be kind. There will be many changes and details added along the way. I plan to make it a double cuttlefish bronze table base. Adding a 1/2" -3/4" thick beveled glass table top when completed. Or sold as a single sculpture ! Any feed back welcomed...


Really cool looking, going to have to start saving my pennies (and maybe gold doubloons). Where are the other set of arms going to go (or is it just that I can't see them...)? Are you basing this on a particular species of cuttlefish? The first set of arms (the ones up in the air) seem a little long compared to the other arms. Oh, and I love the shape of the mantle near the head of the cuttlefish, you can tell the shape of the cuttlebone.
A mating pair would be cool and the arms would be in a somewhat natural position to support a top :grin:
Thanks for the comments and the critique's! You are all spot on... I am not happy with my design right now, as it is in very early stages. This is why I have moved onto my new octopus sculpture and table. I have a new giant squid going, a large jellyfish table going, and the cuttlefish going. When I get "stumped" by one. I just take a step back, and focus on one of my many other pieces for a while. Keep the comments coming! I love the feed back!



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