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I remember when I first saw this video, it had a tremendous impact on my thinking about a project I was working on at the time.

I was investigating chromatophore control in adult sepia but had a huge problem stemming from the fact that cuttlefish have innumerable tiny chromatophores which made it difficult to track and analyze them on a living animal at that time.

Then I happened to come across this video on YouTube and realized that I should start with a much simpler model, one with fewer chromatophores. So I set to work with sepia hatchlings at the time but didn't succeed in getting enough funding to fly to France to study Sepia officinalis chromatophores.

Instead, I decided to use that funding and work with squid which have fewer chromatophores and much bigger.

I am analyzing this data as I am writing this. So, thanks Roy for sharing this in the first place.

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