Who and/or What is Cthulhu? (satire!)

Artwork by Greg Ewald

Editor's note: In 2005, I asked Greg Ewald (@cthulhu77) and Erich Orser (@erich orser) to write an article to answer the popular TONMO.com visitor question, "what is Cthulhu?"... While this is not a holistic Cthulhu definition, a true, good description can be found in Erich's first "spoken" paragraph below. He succinctly explains the Cthulhu character, which comes from the mind of legendary author H.P. Lovecraft. The rest of this article is (quite obviously) pure fiction -- but highly entertaining and very much in the spirit of Cthulhu/H.P. Lovecraft lore and fandom. Enjoy, and THANKS to Greg and Erich for the contribution!
-- tonmo

A roundtable discussion by several experts

The Roundtable:

Erich Orser: Miskatonic University, Department of Marine Science, one semester – expelled; LACC, Film Studies – one and one-half years, expelled; Bob Jones University, two weeks of Fall quarter - expelled; El Culso Medical School, Dominican Republic, one quarter – expelled. Founder, The Mighty Cthulhu Old-Time Revival Show. Also a bit-player and extra in numerous Hollywood productions, plus certain North Hollywood productions. He's coming to us from his home in Tucson, Arizona.

Greg Ewald: Professor of Zoological Illustration, published author of several scientific journals regarding the influence of space octopi on the human race development. Mr. Ewald also spends much of his time creating dreamscapes that horrify those who view them. Greg joins us from his reptile enclosure at his home in Gilbert, Arizona.

Colton Upton Moore: Professor Emeritus, Head of the Cthonic research branch of MI6, Senior...
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