Short Story: Walter's Walk

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I wrote this in 2004 when the community was actively engaging in cephalopod
creative writing. I could never decipher the lyrics to Led Zeppelin's Walter's Walk, and so I used that title as a starting place to create a ceph story around it.
--Tony Morelli

McEagen knew it wouldn't be an easy job -- there were fish to catch, fruits and berries to gather, and wagons of wood, bamboo and other natural materials needed to prepare for the coming storm. Although Jim indicated there was a small chance this storm could pass without imparting severe damage, no one was comfortable taking any chances after the last typhoon ripped the roofs off half their huts.

This summer was like no other, and July still hadn't produced its full moon. The weather on the island was different this year. The air was thick and stagnant, and devoid of the mixed fragrances that usually swirled throughout their habitat. When it wasn't oppressively hot and humid, it was raining -- hard. The rain served the island's vegetation well; the fruits were full and sweet.

For this Walter was thankful, but not much else. McEagen assigned him the unenviable task of gathering food and supplies in quantities larger than what was normally needed for the clan. As he loaded his wagon with the last of the mini-harvest, he rued the wood-gathering chore that lay ahead.

Walter's strong stature (albeit lanky) made him the natural choice to perform the most physically demanding jobs. While he didn't doubt his dominant strength, he recognized there were others in the clan who could successfully perform many of the duties he was regularly assigned, or at the very least, help him.

Despite this recognition, Walter was without...
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Tony converted into an octopus and cephalopod interest site in May 2000. (Find out more about how TONMO started by reading this blog entry.) He began his career in the online services industry in 1992, working for companies such as Prodigy,, Reuters and Comcast. Tony and his wife Tania are the owners of Deep Intuition, LLC, which is an entity they created to support their entrepreneurial hobbies and pursuits. He graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a B.A. in Mass Communication and lives in Pennsylvania.


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