Editorial: The '05 Living Architeuthis Photos

Webmaster thoughts on the first photos of living giant squid, in 2005.

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By Tony Morelli

Last updated: 10/1/05


I've been maintaining TONMO.com as a cephalopod interest site since 2000. Since then, there have been two pivotal news events which have caused traffic to my site to increase exponentially (literally).

The first was in April of 2003 when Dr. Steve O'Shea and Kat Bolstad (who are also TONMO.com staff members in their "spare time") announced that their research had yielded realization that Mesonychoteuthis is a uniquely giant squid, and in fact is larger (and has more fearsome features, such as razor-sharp hooks) than the Giant Squid, Architeuthis. In response (and in conjunction with Auckland University of Technology's own PR efforts), news outlets from around the world picked up the story of the newly discovered "Colossal Squid", replete with depictions of "Messie" as a unit of measurement, pitted against such things as a scuba diver and a double-decker bus. As a result, we found Web surfers from around the globe flocking to TONMO.com to interact with Dr. O'Shea and Kat to learn a bit more about these mysterious, sensationalized creatures.

The second event occurred earlier this week when a team of Japanese scientists took 556 digital photos of a living Architeuthis and shared them with the press (albeit one year later), resulting in great fanfare comparable to the Colossal Squid discovery. What has so far not been...
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Tony converted TONMO.com into an octopus and cephalopod interest site in May 2000. (Find out more about how TONMO started by reading this blog entry.) He began his career in the online services industry in 1992, working for companies such as Prodigy, iVillage.com, Reuters and Comcast. Tony and his wife Tania are the owners of Deep Intuition, LLC, which is an entity they created to support their entrepreneurial hobbies and pursuits. He graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a B.A. in Mass Communication and lives in Pennsylvania.


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