Dagon (2001)


a film by Stuart Gordon, made in Spain 2001, released direct-to-video 2002, running time 98 minutes. In Spanish and English.

Reviewed by nanoteuthis

Rated R

A man dreams of diving through undersea ruins where a beautiful mermaid beckons; as they embrace, she opens her mouth to reveal the knifelike teeth of a predator. A severely wounded woman is trapped in a sinking boat; as a ribbon of her blood curls downwards into the sea, a huge cloud of black ink billows upwards ominously to meet it. These disturbing images are only hints of the horrors to come in DAGON, a film based upon two Cthulhu Mythos stories by H.P. Lovecraft -- "Dagon" and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", as adapted by Stuart Gordon (who had years ago filmed a version of HPL's "Herbert West, Reanimator" under the title of RE-ANIMATOR).

Actually, the title of this current film is misleading. The story "Dagon" -- one of HPL's shorter and less notable works -- has little to do with the film except for the reference to the shipwreck and the eponymous Philistine fish-god. DAGON the film is actually an updated version of Lovecraft's brilliant, vividly written novella "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", transplanted by Gordon from a Massachusetts seaport town to a fishing village on Spain's Galician coast. The name which Gordon gives the village, Imboca, is an inexact Spanish translation of the name Innsmouth. The original story was told in the first person, by a solitary male traveler to Innsmouth; Gordon has added an additional man and some women to the plotline, though most of the film is from the POV of "Paul", the shipwrecked young...
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